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What is Development?

Development is the course where a person periodically goes through experiences, mistakes and learning from them and making sure they don’t happen in coming times just as Nelson Mandela quoted that bravery isn’t the absence of fear but triumph over it in the same way self-development is not just correcting mistakes for once but eradicating them completely and over a period of time making it a habit. Of course, even Rome was not built in a day in the same way slowly but eventually, you will get habituated to it which is your triumph. Self-development holds a crucial crunch of the pie of your life if devoured in the right manner, nothing would taste better than it. It is also about learning something new and getting better at what you are doing right now. Never stop doing something which you love doing but always keep these three things in mind while doing something:- 1) What is its sequel? 2) What will be the outcome? and 3) The effect with the outcome. Clear with the answers? Then you are clear with life. It is something happening at present that will help you in the future so the time you focus on is present as it will determine the future, the past is only to be remembered to revise the lessons learned at that time.

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