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Ahmedabad's Heartbeat of Real Conversations

Join Sirf Suno Circle

Step into a realm where your voice echoes the sentiments of a generation craving authenticity. Sirf Suno Circle, nestled in the vibrant heart of Ahmedabad, is not just an event; it's a revolution of raw, unfiltered storytelling. Every Sunday, we strip away the digital veneer and gather to share life's narratives. Be a part of the circle, be a part of the change.

What is Sirf Suno Circle?

Sirf Suno Circle is your weekly sanctuary for storytelling and shared experiences. It's where the youth of Ahmedabad come together to disconnect from the digital and reconnect with the human. Here, every voice matters, every story is celebrated, and every Sunday is a new chapter. In a world buzzing with online chatter, Sirf Suno offers a pause button - a place to just listen, just be.

How Does Sirf Suno Circle Spark Connections?

In Sirf Suno Circle, every participant has the chance to speak and be heard. Our structured yet spontaneous gatherings are designed to promote empathy, laughter, and camaraderie. We start with ice-breaker questions to warm up, followed by a guided storytelling round, and end with an open mic session. Sirf Suno is more than a circle; it’s a community woven by the threads of stories.

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Be Part of Ahmedabad's Storytelling Revolution

Are you ready to join the Sirf Suno Circle? Register today and mark your calendar for a Sunday like no other.

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