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A small gesture, a Big change!

These days we are finding sponsorship for our event, and I don’t remember how many calls I received in these few days. Still, after so many rejections, I connected to one coaching institute today. Still, mistakenly, I was connected to the Mumbai headquarters instead of Delhi. The way he attended the call was so fulfilling because he greatly appreciated my work. Specifically, he gives me hope that he will give his best to get me sponsorship from their Delhi headquarters and make my whole rejection phase positive and hopeful. Hence, this is how you make one's whole day fulfil. After that, I did so many calls, again and again, and plenty of them rejected my proposal, but this time I was doing this process with a different perspective. Why does this change happen by just hearing a few words of appreciation from a stranger who rejects my proposal? Little gestures separate people of distinction. There’s huge value in them. They make us feel cared about and supported. And as the world gets busier and more digital, they become increasingly important. That generosity from total strangers, not the "things," altered their lives. These insignificant gestures give people a sense of love and happiness and the confidence to adapt, go on, and have faith. So, go. Publish a note. Respond to that email. Make eye contact with others. Give them a callback. Give a helping hand, ear, or shoulder.

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