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Decluttered Sight, Decluttered Mind

Decluttering can feel like a tedious chore but if done right with the correct mindset, it can prove to be an effective form of self care. Decluttering gets rid of the over-stimulation around us, creating a calmer, distraction and anxiety free setting, allowing us to focus on our tasks more effectively. Additionally, it creates a sense of self-worth and productivity. Finding comfort in one’s physical mess manifests a mirrored mental state which is why one should declutter deliberately. It can seem like an overbearing task which is why you should begin with one thing at a time. Start with your desktop or home screen and move on to your bag before going to larger spaces like your work desk or wardrobe. It is important to be bluntly harsh and give up things you feel no longer contribute to your physical, emotional or mental well-being. This ideology is seen in the centuries old Japanese cleansing method of "Dan-Sha-Ri" which preaches creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment by simplifying one's living space. Make sure to organize and make space for things you do want to keep or they will just pile up again. It is important to understand that decluttering shouldn’t be a periodic thing but a part of your lifestyle. Let go of your old, suffocating baggage to create space for bigger and better things in your future!

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