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Keep Moving

We know that dice have six sides but before playing we don't think about the outcome. We just play and when the unexpected number comes we become sad for a second but start playing the game again. In life, we make many decisions after properly thinking about it but still, everything goes wrong and unexpected. We get disappointed and sometimes take it so seriously that we end up giving our life for those mistakes. Just because of a few mistakes we start to overthink a lot. We want a better and bright tomorrow but we still are not leaving our past. In my opinion, it is okay to make mistakes. We are humans and we make mistakes, we don't have to be that hard on ourselves. It's okay to make mistakes, it's okay to fail but what's not okay is not trying again, not correcting your mistake, what's not okay is having regrets and making yourself feel guilty for your entire life. This is not how we should live. Let us leave our dark past and live in today for a better tomorrow. Just as we started playing again in the dice game after getting an unexpected dice number, let us again start our fresh day with the same enthusiasm, joy, and one thought that whatever we do, we will give our hundred percent into it. I am telling you to learn something from your past and to shape a better future from those learnings. By all means, keep moving in your life. Make your life more beautiful and yourself more joyful!

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