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Not about the grand gestures

I assume none of us is alien to skincare routines and product trends. Being a woman, I never really felt the need to buy lotions and masks in the name of self-care till I faced times when I had people around me, but still, I felt like I was by myself. And, of course, it is a fact that no one will ever be by your side longer than anyone else ever will. Believe me; it is related somehow, at least to some extent. When you find everything you planned fall apart and shatter like fine glass pieces, you will try your best to seek help within yourself to get out of that space. You will find yourself begging to go that one extra mile just to end up in a better space, and gradually you will start taking utmost care of yourself. When I faced this, I started to compliment myself, used positive affirmations, and told myself that I had got this and that I was doing everything rightly. It's not really about the grand gestures when it comes to self-love. You can simply apply sunscreen every time you go out, put a minimal or bold liner the way you like or just get dressed because you feel like it. We are just so used to getting ready or caring for our bodies only when someone admires us. I learned it late, but I hope never to forget how it's me who matters in the end. Make peace with yourself in order to have peace with the people around.

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Mar 24, 2023



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