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They say, “A woman can be a woman’s biggest enemy.” I am unsure about its validity, but I surely know how beautiful womanhood is. Lately, I have been spending almost my entire day with women - my friends, cousins, and mom. The more I have seen how a woman functions, the more I have introspected that everything they do is with pyaar and a sense of belongingness. Every little thing they do, whether it’s exchanging smiles in the hallway or tying their hair up, they are simply pretty. I don’t have a practical answer to it, but the aura feels so special and safe. Womanhood is like a warm long hug on a cold winter morning. Have you ever observed a woman, not in a suspicious way or romantic way, but simply looking at them? I don’t get why women in love are so underrated. They would climb mountains and swim oceans for the people they love and care for and would be ready to fight a world war. As Nelson Mandella states," Love comes more naturally to humans than hatred." They say a woman makes a home, home, and without her, it's merely a cement-made structure. I mean, I don't think it is deniable at all. Look at our moms, for example, the day you don't find her around feels so strange. This is just the love and respect I have for women ever since I realised how uniquely perfect each one of them is. So, let's take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge everything the females in our life offer us, be it our mothers, friends, cousins, partners or what so ever.

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