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What do you Believe?

Our parents often asked us to change our friends' circle because they felt that it was a bad influence on us. From the time we step into this world, we start learning. Learning by copying people around us. We observe how people eat, sit, walk, speak, etc. When we were a toddler, we used to get books called "Copy and jot". That's how we learned to write down the alphabet, words, and sentences. Considering the above facts, it's undeniable that the environment we are in affects us. In Dubai, even a tiger is kept as a pet. That tiger was never given in the environment of the wilds where he actually belonged and eventually ended up being tame. If the family you're nurtured in holds some stereotypes then there are high chances that you believe it and start to inculcate it. Not always but there can be times when you might feel that that stereotypes had no proper ground and so you decide to have a belief of your own. We LEARN all of this so why can't we try to UNLEARN them if we know that certain things that we have adopted are toxic to us in some or another way. It doesn't need to be," If everyone is saying so then it has to be true. "What matters is what sounds logical to you. People believed that widows bring bad omen but some revolutionaries brought light to their logic and brought an end to that belief. So don't believe or accept what they say but follow what is logical to you.

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