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Decreasing Patience threshold

"Have you ever noticed yourself getting pissed off at the internet for taking a few seconds more to load than usual or when you’re late already and find the traffic signal red? How easily you get frustrated when you don’t get your morning tea timely or have to wait in a long queue. Now think about the days when people used to spend days waiting for a letter or a phone call on the only telephone in the town. The significant change we have come across in decades is the digitalisation era which has hit the generation hard. Everything from pin to plane is a tap away, and this has severely affected the patience threshold. As Charles Grimmett states, “Patience is a lost art”, and there’s no denial. It is like planting a seed and waiting to see it grow into a sapling and then a plant with constantly providing the essential inputs. Taking the quantitative data into consideration, in a survey conducted by OnePoll, on average, a person loses his/her patience and gets frustrated after 16 seconds of waiting for the website to load and 22 seconds for the tv or the computer to stream correctly. It is evident how instant gratification and easy accessibility to the internet and the fast lifestyle that individuals have adopted has resulted in reduced patience level. There have been quite a few debates about how the quick rewards in terms of data and content are also responsible for the rising impatience level.

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