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Stop Watering the Dead

Some people actually prove how beautiful their company is whereas some people teach us a lesson. Lesson to remember forever. I lost people whom I considered to be my safe place. My heart aches when I look back to all those days when we cracked stupid jokes and consoled each other. I invested so much time nurturing the relationships which were always one-sided. You spend days, months, years just trying to make that one bond work but you forget to see if that person wants you? Yes, it will definitely scatter your heart into pieces when you realize that the other person never wanted you as much as you wanted them. They were present just because they were available at that time. But I guess it's time to get over it. Why not invest time, effort, and feelings in people who actually care. So NO MORE LAMENTING ON PEOPLE WHO DON'T VALUE YOUR INPUTS. You can't change what happened but you can surely choose between suffering and crying over those who left or move on being grateful that those people who were never meant to be a huge part of your life have already left. Wanting them to stay is just like watering dead plants. Let them go. Let the good memories be cherished.

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