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Perks of a Cruel King!

COVID- a word that is known all over the world within a short period. Well, I call it the greatest cruel king among all. However, at the same time, I adore it for its unbiased nature towards people having different cultures, skins, and caste. Every time I went for my COVID test or my vaccine, I’ve observed equality among all people by the government. Either a person came by their car or on bicycles, wore a high-priced dress or a torn dress; all of them had to stand in a straight line to get their test done. Before the pandemic, I’ve seen some people being foul-mouthed towards other people having dark skin or a distinct caste. But this cruel king didn’t execute on basis of casteism or racism. Also, I’ve seen a lot of people helping others to save the human race which was rare before COVID. And here’s where an ancient incident, Nazi racism strikes my mind when Aryan(German) race people were not allowed to have any relationships with Jews. Adolf Hitler had a prejudice against identity and races which is why; Hitler remains the cruelest king. We fought against COVID very well but, some positive lessons are worth learning and applying in the near future.

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