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Fine Finland

Want to witness what a corruption-free country looks like? Finland it is! This country has remained on the top of the least corrupt country in the world. Finland is also considered among the most favorable countries to live in! In fact, according to the Happiness Index updated by the United Nations Organisation, Finland is in the first place! It has extremely low crime rates and is in fact, one of the safest countries in the world. It has a Universal health care system and free education. Talking about food, Finland is one the largest consumers of coffee in the whole world! A Finn is said to consume around 12 kg of coffee per year! Due to its long winters and summers, Finnish cuisine includes dishes made up of wholemeal products, berries, and bread. The forest cover in Finland is 74%, which also makes Finland a leading country in sustainability. One lesser-known fact about Finland is that it has more than 180,000 lakes! Finnish people enjoy Saunas a lot. The mobile company Nokia is from Finland and is named after the town called Nokia, Finland. Tourist spots in Finland are simply enchanting! It is a very colorful place with places that’d make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. One of the most beautiful phenomena humans can observe from Earth- the Northern lights can be enjoyed in Finland. Comment what you think is the best part of Finland!

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