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Heart of South America - Paraguay

'The island surrounded by mainland' - Paraguay has one of the most unique geographies. The capital of this country, Asuncion is one of the oldest cities in South America, popularly known as the "Mother of cities". As one walks through the streets of its capital, one can witness the grandeur this place once held in the nineteenth century. It used to be the wealthiest country in South America which led many engineers and pioneers from Europe to Paraguay. They developed South America's first railways here and a strong military. Paraguay also has the largest Naval forces compared to any landlocked country in the world.

In Paraguay, the biggest contributor to their GDP is the service sector. The most stable source of income for over 45% of the population here is employment. Paraguay astoundingly produces 99.9% of its energy from its hydroelectricity power plant of which 75% comes from the Itaipu dam. Thus making most of the energy consumption renewable and sustainable.

The country has much more to offer to its tourists! The city of Asuncion has a rich heritage and cultural roots to witness, especially at night, when the lights bedazzle the city. It's a view one must not forget to put on their bucket lists. The countryside holds immense scenic beauty equally. The cuisine here is a food lover's dream as there's cheese and more cheese. Would you like to visit Paraguay? Let us know in the comments!

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