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Queen of the Deccan

Given that it is situated at the junction of the Muthi and Mula rivers, the name Pune is derived from the term "Punya," which indicates the meeting of two rivers. Very few people are aware that the name "Poona" or "Poonah" is used to refer to contemporary badminton dating back to the 1800s in the city. The sport of racket was created by British officials stationed there. Badminton's regulations were initially developed here, in 1873. At Bhide-Wada in Pune, Savitribai Phule and her friend Fatima Begum founded the first girls' school in 1848. Pune has been a significant pioneer in promoting the empowerment of women and girls alike for over 170 years. Pune, which has several colleges and institutes, is referred to as "the Oxford of the East". Pune has drawn thousands of visitors and has managed to hold onto its core and earn a reputation as the happiest city. It was ranked 12th overall in India but first in Maharashtra, surpassing Mumbai. Pune has many historical monuments and museums. Some historical and architectural treasures worth visiting are the Aga Khan Palace, Pataleshwar, the Chaturshringi Temple, the Sinhagad Fort, and the well-known Shaniwar Wada. The best time to visit Pune is between October and February because of the excellent weather. So would you like to visit Pune? Let us know in the comments!

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