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Manali- valley of gods

Manali is a town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at the northern end of Kullu valley. It is one of the highest passes in the region. Manali is popular for its pleasant weather. Mountains here are always covered with snow. The name Manali is derived from the word ‘Manu-Alaya’ which literally means ‘the adobe of Manu’ legend has it that the great Manu stepped out of his ark in Manali to recreate human life after a great flood that’s why the valley is often called ‘valley of gods’. Manali is located at the foothills of the Himalayan range. Due to its proximity to the Himalayan range, Manali also shares characteristics of a cold climate and looming mountains. Manali has no dearth of beautiful places to visit. Manali is called the valley of god for a reason and it is because of the immense beauty possessed by the place and the strong ancient roots that add flair to this place. Besides natural charm and unparalleled beauty, Manali is known for its unlimited adventure opportunities. The famous Hidimba temple, the scenic Rohtang pass, the snow-laden Solang valley and its delightful culinary scene. One of the oldest temples in Manali is Hidimba Devi temple renowned for its beauty and cultural charm. Manali is also famous for its woollen clothes, carpets and unique Tibetan items.

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