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A Vision of Marie

Gender equality is a fundamental human right, Yet women face significant challenges all around the world. Women typically face insufficient representation in power and decision-making roles. Despite Putting equal efforts into work. They receive unequal pay, and they often face legal and other difficulties that affect their work opportunities. In the developing world, girls and women are often considered less valuable than boys. Instead of being sent to school, they are usually married off for a dowry before they are adults. Every year, More than 12 million underage girls are married. A girl named Marie was 14-year-old when she started her schooling. But she was the only girl, surrounded by 19 boys. That is when she said “I want to finish secondary school too. I want to prove that girls can do it.” She was the first girl to graduate in her family with a certificate once she finishes her graduation. Marie wishes that one day she can bring a change in her community and that more girls will continue studying through her example. And it worked! Many girls and their parents are inspired by her story and vision today. She brought a social change with an initiative, and it changed many people! So, let us learn from this and have a social change in our life.

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