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Why make it a New Normal?

It was a normal afternoon, I was walking to my home all by myself. Except for the staring eyes that accompanied me every time till the very corner of the eye. I didn't bother to make eye contact because that's what girls are taught,' the guys might mistake it as a hint.' Maybe, that's why women in the past were told to keep their veils down when a man enters because it's easier to label a tender smile as 'she was asking for it.' We can not deny any of it. A new flower gets plucked and crushed every minute. It has happened, and it is still happening. But what are we doing about it? We sit back at the lounge, turn the news on and start murmuring that it shouldn't have happened. But bro! What about your contributions to a better future rather than declaring which side you are on. We are all aware of what's happening around whether it's corruption, murder, rape, theft, smuggling. We know it, but we prefer to blindfold our senses. Why are we making it a new normal when it's not even supposed to exist at this level. We change the channels so our kids don't get a bad influence but aren't bringing this into their awareness and teaching them the values, is the right way? You see ignorance again. But till when? We don't need unity when there are communal riots, we need unity to save humanity from the worst.

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