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What's more difficult?

These days I think about what's more difficult-To care or not to, to ask for your needs or just to adjust to whatever you get. Considering that we are in a generation that can fake love which is said to be the most natural feeling, I don't anymore know what's real. We don't treat people the way we have been treated because we know what it feels like. Here I am not even talking about the major losses but the small or little events that sum up the trauma. How being called an attention seeker just for asking for assurance and time in the past will always make you question yourself the next time you feel like asking for your needs. How you were so much deprived of physical affection that when someone offers it, all you think about is the worst possibilities. How your insecurities were made fun of by the only close friend you shared it with, that now you fear to trust anyone but keep things to yourself. It's all about how our elders failed as a society by tagging the bare minimum needs as "high maintenance" or "asking for too much" or "things have always been this way". No, they are not. It's just we have been so used to such things that when we step up for our needs which are neglected, we feel more like oblivion.

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