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Trip to Peru

Peru traces back the earliest hints of human civilization in America. One of the seven wonders of the world - Machu Picchu, is located in Peru. Machu Picchu is one of the only Inca towns that survived the pillaging of the Spanish conquerors. It is nicknamed "The Lost City of the Incas" because it is thought that the Spanish never even set foot on its grounds. It is believed that the Inca civilization did not have any wheels. This means that all the stone used to build this mountaintop city was either hauled to the summit by hand or chiseled out of the mountain itself. Inca also had a very sophisticated network of roads and messaging systems in history. Peru is the birthplace of potatoes. Now they cultivate more than 3500 varieties of Potatoes! Peru is also the most expensive coffee producer. The world's highest sand dune and the world's deepest canyon are both Peruvian. Peru is often misinterpreted as a typical mountain country with houses made of mud but, let me tell you, it’s much more. The population in Peru is quite similar to the United States and the country has a huge landmass stretching far and wide. Tourism in Peru is vivid due to its history, Architecture, Amazon River, and its beaches. It is truly a country of multiple wonders! Let us know what you think of Peru in the comments below!

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