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Take Your Time

We lose people, we lose the bonds that mattered the most. It takes so much of us to keep going but when even a part of us stops trying, it all falls apart like a house of cards. Imagine making a paper plane as a kid. You get so engrossed in making it that you hardly care about what else is happening around you. When you complete making it, you run towards the balcony or terrace with full excitement to see how far it goes but when you throw it, it goes straight towards the ground and hits hard twisting its edge. And there you stand, wondering where did it all go wrong? Did you not start things properly? Was it the paper that failed you or was it the wind (situation)? Between all these questions, we just stand there trying to figure out things. However, sometimes just letting go or letting things be the way they are, feels better. It’s like leaving the broken glass pieces the way they are till you’re not ready to pick them up. In such times, holding on to ourselves seems to be the toughest. Even a bird has to trust its wings to overcome the thunderstorms. What’s wrong with being all over the place and leaving your emotions scattered till you’re ready to face it? Take your time to process things and face them when you’re ready as only that can help you move across the ocean of moving on.

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