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Count on the Good things.

Our own expectations hurt us more than other people's. That moment when you knew your gut feelings were right but still you wanted to believe them otherwise. When the friend you actually liked was friends with you till you gave them what they wanted. When you tried over and over again to keep a relationship or friendship going knowing that you can't save it all by yourself. It's not every time that we have control over things. Even your nightmares might turn into a reality haunting you down till every inch of skin shivers with its terror. Ya, I know this is way too cinematic until you actually feel it. Believe me on this. Remember when we were young, we believed that a wish is always granted when we keep the eyelash on our wrist and blow it. The day we came to know that it was just a myth, even our soul wanted that to be otherwise. We don't believe things simply because we are happy with not wanting to do so. With awareness comes a bit of disappointment. Not always but most of the time. So let us consider the things that are actually good around us. Our friends who never failed to support us, parents who never failed to love us, and more than all, us who never stopped. We always count on things we don't have rather let's count those which we have. Let's count the blessings and the moments when we felt alive.

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