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Smile at a Stranger!

Smile is that curve which makes everything straight." I believe a smile can turn a sad face into a happy one, it gives them hope about humanity and it might be something that could help them get over a negative experience. Also, a study proved that our mind release happy hormones, when we are happy.

A few months ago, I was returning home from my classes by bus which was nearly 1 hour 30 minutes distance. I caught myself crying because of a song that made me overthink some cruel situation of my life. Half of the bus was empty, however, there was a guy sitting near me. He somehow dared to ask if I was okay which was really surprising to me as I’ve always seen people minding their own business and not caring about anything else. That was the day I started smiling at (almost all) strangers whether they smile back or not. Well most of them smile back but one thing that I’ve noticed is kids don’t respond instead they just stare. And if I stare back they mostly look away. This is where I feel, socializing a person from childhood is necessary. Here I’m ending this blog with a hope of everyone making a stranger’s day beautiful with a beautiful smile.

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