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Skills to Build up to you

In today's world communication plays a key role in the life of every individual. Having the skills to communicate is considered your greatest asset. But not everyone is good at it. Most people even find it difficult to initiate a conversation. Having so much to say but not knowing how to express oneself makes one feel trapped and often leads to a lack of self-esteem. It also puts the person on other hand in a tough spot. Why? Because we are often in a delusion that communication is always about what you speak but how wrong we are !! It is about how well you listen, your body language, and also about the interest and effort you put into it. You can not always run away saying this ain't my cup of tea. Let's begin today by taking baby steps. You might fail but most importantly you will learn. And while you learn you will grow into a better version of yourself. A version that would be wiser but also with a lot of flaws. This would help you build your new relationship with others and strengthen the previous one. So anyone up for the conversation?

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