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Senegal: Beauty and Culture

Everybody has probably heard of Pink Lake but, where is it from?! Yes, it is from Senegal - A country in South Africa. Senegal is a tourist's heaven. It has many beautiful beaches as its coast lies on the Atlantic Ocean. Senegal has rich architecture and art forms. Senegal has a total of 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also very safe for traveling. Senegal was under French and Dutch colonization and got its independence in 1960. Thus, it has remains of French culture. The official language here is French, but most of the people speak Wolof. It is known for its very famous cuisine. The food here is inspired by French and North African cuisine. This country is rich in heritage, and the people here are known for being welcoming. Senegalese have a philosophy on how one should treat guests. It is called Teranga which says one should accept guests with open arms and a seat around bowls (of food). Isn't it self-explanatory how beautiful this place is overall?! How do you feel about Senegalese's Philosophy, let us know in the comments!

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