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My Heart lies in the nature

The thought of being with nature, sitting deep into the mountains’ lap, spending time and having a talk with them, listening to the slow rain and just enjoying the solitude, sitting near the banks of the stream and enjoying the musical notes of water is the best gift that I can ever get. Exactly! I received this very gift, earlier this year in the month of May when I got the chance to spend time with my best pal, that one friend who never got tired of listening to me, my dear, my favourite, nature. I was never as excited about a trip as I was for this. Those days, when I woke up early in the morning just to witness the spectacle of sunrise, have a coffee with a slight pinch of rain and witness the sun rising from the orange hues of the sky. In the afternoon blaming the same sun for giving out those hard-hitting electromagnetic waves. Walking down the forests, hugging the trees and having a spine-chilling bath in the Himalayan waterfall along with some staring and conversation to do with the stars, in the aftermath of the day. The days when I used to fill my water bottle with the water that used to run down from the rivers and glaciers. That chilled, sweet and pure water had magnificence of its own. Those days with nature made me forget what my comfort zone was, helped me understand what peace was, made me run for oxygen, and made me believe that no one can ever love you more than our mother nature.

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1 Comment

Aug 16, 2022

Beautiful! Loved the last line!! :)


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