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Beauty of Changing Weather

I recently shifted to the capital of India (Delhi) the first thing I start noticing is changing weather of Delhi the cold hug of the wind in the morning to a warm kiss from the sun in the noon and then a chilly breeze while coming back home it’s a very beautiful and unpredictable weather change which touch your heart through your skin and remains in mind all night long. As it is the month of December, the month of winter tide and Jack Frost, what do you remind first thing to do this month other than purchasing a new sweater and cough syrup just kidding! It’s the month of Christmas lights, cakes, candles, and riddles, so much fun. So you have to prepare for Christmas and wait for Santa Claus to give presents, so it’s a beautiful journey throughout this month. A new year, the new me time again; the weather welcomes us with a new mood and vibe this time; it’s more windy and chilly. We need to cover our faces also and want to stay near firewood. Then again, climate change sparkles some raindrops as a sign of another weather change and warns us to be prepared for climate change. In such a way, climate tells us what will be its next mood, for which we have to prepare in advance. It’s a beautiful conversation and journey at the same time. Just sit and think how in just 12 months, you experience and adapt to many new experiences and weather from winter to summer to monsoon to autumn. It’s all beautiful and a miracle of Mother Earth.

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