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Motivation to Start something

Somedays I am over-enthusiastic to start my day as if it was going the best thing that ever happened to me, and somedays there will be no motivation in me that could drag me out of my bed. It feels as if my pillow and bedsheet tied me up with some invisible chains(it is most of the days the same but never mind). Ikigai- a reason to jump off your bed each morning. I can hardly think of any such reason but okay. We just need to find that one reason to keep ourselves going. The only thing that might keep me going is not being ready to stay in one place. I love changes as much as I love being in my comfort zone. Mmmm...Change does come with a cost of your comfort so never mind. It's okay to love both. I read in one of the works of Mahatria Ra," A human being isn't just a human, but a profound sense of history in his own." When we look back we will realize that there were so many moments where we forgot to be grateful. The fact that some of us didn't even wake up yesterday morning and still we ain't any grateful. Grateful for believing in ourselves after every dark moment, Grateful for having the courage to fight every problem that comes our way, Grateful for not giving up and the list can go on and on and on. Let's consider these moments and get up every morning hoping for a better day.

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