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Mistake or a Turning Point?

You remember that one time when returning from school, on your way home you took a wrong turn and you ended up finding a new way to home. We make mistakes but, they teach us some sort of lessons. Maybe not every mistake is a failure but a turning point. I don't know how much you will agree on this but, more or fewer differences will prevail. We live in a society where people will rather criticize us for making a mistake than let us learn about things in our way. It's always that other people try to make decisions on behalf of us thinking that they are helping us out so that we don't land in any problem. 'We make the society', 'If you want a change then be it' - tones of such things are brought into our notice but still inculcating it is a long way to go. I don't have much to say about this to myself or anyone else because it's a never-ending loop till our conscience wants us to do it. The thing is if we have our heart into evolving from every mistake we make, then probably things will get a lot easier. So let's make more mistakes and of course not forget to learn from them. As Einstein says, "The one who never made a mistake, never tried something new."

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