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Love beyond Gender

They say love comes in different shapes, sizes and colors then why is our definition of love confided between two people only? Why are we told that we are supposed to love our family and our partners only? Love has a huge definition, why do we curtail it to a form that could easily fit in a matchbox. Being a girl, I can love my girlfriends too and due to the bond we share, I can hug her and can even kiss her. An interesting fact here is all of these actions of mine still don't give you the right to tag us as 'LESBIANS'. And same goes for the boys. Belonging to the LGBTQ community is not at all wrong but what's wrong is using those terms just to mock anyone making it look as if these terms are used to abuse one. Another situation is, I can say I love you to my guy friends too. Nevertheless of the fact that there might be more than one guy best friend whom I love though as a friend doesn't give you the right to call me 'Playgirl', 'slut', 'characterless', etc etc. Here again same goes for the boys. He ain't going to be a 'Playboy' or whatever terms you have to tag them with. Love is beyond these all. With it comes hate, jealousy, enmity, insecurities, and whatnot. But that doesn't mean that we should stop loving. Let them be busy judging, let's love and spread love.

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