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Last Resort Or Last Effort?

I came across a video where a guy talked about how normalized breakups and divorces are these days. Of course, there's nothing wrong with ending the relationship to which the two people cannot hold on any longer. But the issues arise when the only resort people find is ending things rather than sorting them out. The quotes out there on pages "claiming" that in a relationship you don't need to compromise and if you need to then it's a red flag. Come on, don't you see your parents or any other couple you admire? Happy and satisfied with what they have. Even they have made some of the other adjustments at personal levels, this doesn't mean they are happy at the cost of something. And even if you think that happiness costs you something then yes of course it does. It takes the courage to accept what comes your way and live it. Imagine, you liked a glass vase, you wanted it, you had it and then you look at some other vase which is bigger and more attractive, and on the other hand the vase you had; had Its edges rough. So you just drop it without thinking how you could have decorated and modified it into a better one. Things take time, people take time, building a relationship takes time. When you have given so much to build it together then why to just drop it without even trying if things could get right.

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