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Grow up!

All living things grow but only we have this ability to grow by ourselves in whatever direction we want. We humans, each of us grow in our own particular speed and own particular way. Believe in your potential, don't expect that another person will help you grow. Just like a mother bird teaches its child how to fly. Once the bird learns its mother bird leaves the baby bird. Humans are an adult by 20 years and till that our parents help us Growing. Now we have the power to choose how we want to fly; either following the flock of birds or by creating one. It is good to learn from your own experiences. People can't help you directly for your personal growth. But you can surely learn from them. Learn from your own mistakes. Make thousands and thousands of mistakes but don't waste your time making the same mistake again and again. It is now time to grow up, to look around and observe every single detail of life. Life is very beautiful if you know how to live it if you know how to love it.

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