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Holding Hands

When I look around, I wonder if the branches and the trunk, if the clouds floating together, the flowers on the bush, the saplings growing through the cracks of the mountain, the planets and the orbit are simply holding hands together because to me holding hands seem to be the best of the gestures. We shake hands as a gesture of being friends; we hold hands to let the other person in distress know that we’ve got their back; we hold hands while crossing roads showing we care about the other person; we hold hands for long stretches to make sure that our partner knows that we admire and love them. Surprisingly, just a thumb rub is enough to beeline to someone’s scars, healing them a little. Some people are deprived of physical affection most of their life, and they unknowingly count on their friends and partners for it, and when they actually get some of it, they crave to cherish it forever. No wonder when we say humans have companionship as one of their basic survival necessities because, without it, we’re all miserable in ways we will never know since we are all blessed with an awesome set of people around us- family, friends, romantic partners, platonic relationships, colleagues and not to forget that random stranger with whom you exchanged smile on your way to work because that surely sparked some warmth in both of you.

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