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Forgive Yourself

Yes, I make and made mistakes knowingly too, and later, cry over the results I am certain of. Whereas, I also realize that there's a stranger somewhere who still remembers me because I was kind to them when no one else was. It's okay to be vulnerable and make mistakes. Making more mistakes brings you wiser. It's okay to forgive yourself despite having done some unruly things. It will hold up a heavy burden off your shoulders. We can never be perfect, so don't be surprised if you fail to live up to that perfect standard. If you have admitted your mistake, apologized to the person you hurt, and did everything you can to make things right, then there’s nothing better for you to do, except forgive yourself. I truly believe that path of spirituality could help you forgive yourself more than anything else. Also, it is a big step forward on the journey of self-love. A long time ago there was a bad guy named Asur Angulimala, who killed 999 people and chopped their fingers to create a Garland out of those fingers. While he was looking for the 1000th person; Buddha appeared. After his first meeting with Buddha, He threw his weapons and became a monk. None of us did such cruel sins or murdered people like Angulimala. So if Buddha can forgive him at their first meeting, why can't we forgive ourselves? Think about it, Learn from it, and Apply it in your life.

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