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Don't waste energy on hate

Time is such a precious commodity and as you get older, you realize that you really do not have any time to waste, which is why I do not like to waste my time and energy on anything negative, like arguments and on anything and anybody that has to do with hatred. The highest evolved species on this beautiful planet is the only one that hates its own kind with passion. Hate of this, that and the other is becoming ingrained into our national psyche. Personalities and some broadcasting corporations have made tens of millions of dollars spreading this hatred and even more while peddling their worthless solutions.Hatred drains your life depending on how long you hold that grudge. If you hold it for your entire life, hatred will change you dramatically bit by bit. It will consume your warm heart with cold, stone-like icy layer. Hatred will make you bitter, push away your friends, your loved ones, etc. Just try to realize the fact that it won't cause you any benefit but will doom your life. Hate is an emotional parasite that eats away at your energy and health. If something is wrong with the world and you can change it, take action. If you can’t take action, you’re better off to forgive and forget. Perhaps, instead of hating and racing towards the notion of “Armageddon” we could reconnect with our shared humanity and once again attempt to embrace “the better angles of our nature” before it’s too late.

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