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Do you Give?

You always wonder to have a perfect photo to post on social media. Have you ever found that your mother is looking for the real smile and act of yours towards herself that you pretend in the posts? You're in awe of fast food and having tempting dishes and giving feedback and tip to waiters. Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the taste of your mother's dish? You die making efforts to make the boss happy all the time. Have you ever gifted your father his favorite thing to make him feel happy? You apologize to everyone on social media for replying late. Do you ever apologize to your parents for not behaving like humans to them? You throw money at the parties for fake friends. Have you ever given up any small thing for your younger sibling to make them a little supported? I don't want to talk about what you should give. But what's precious to you that you must give. We all can certainly take time and give something to other people. To our friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. Giving could be in any form be it, a materialistic thing, time, care, support, appreciation, etc. The only thing which matters the most is to give from our heart. We all must take the time to give back to the people around us. Because the secret to living is giving.

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