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Beautiful(est) Ugly

There are a lot of quotes and sayings to make you feel beautiful. Many people support “you are beautiful just the way you are” but not all of them mean it. Throwing tantrums for being dark-skinned or fat is quite common everywhere. Obsessed, double chin, skinny, acne, scars, stretch marks, puberty hairs and many more don’t make you any less beautiful; and I also call it beautiful flaws. Instead of getting rid of these things; we should focus more on embracing them except when it’s harming our health. The only reason people promote weight loss or gain is to achieve a healthy body. Eating healthy food leads you to a healthier and longer life which is equally necessary. Staying around people that embrace you instead of ridicule you play a vital role in making you feel beautiful. The people, meanwhile, should also learn to stop making fun of any particular for their beautiful flaws. I’ve seen people suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and a lot more, just because of a tantrum and humiliation they are facing from another person. Almost everyone is going through a lot of trouble, so being kind to them won’t lessen anyone’s dignity or personality. And if you are someone who thinks of themselves as ugly then you’re the beautiful(est) ugly I’ve ever seen ;)

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Oct 04, 2021



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