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Balanced Bentos

As the global pandemic retreats slowly and the busy life begins again, we all experience the part of the day which is rather relaxed and delightful - Lunchtime. After all the work, having a great meal is refreshing and a good way to restart. This pandemic taught us how important it is to take care of one's health and a crucial way of doing so is by having a healthy and balanced diet. In Japan, around 1000 years ago, the Bento boxes were introduced to carry rice. With time, the Bento box started to include protein and vegetables to it to compliment the rice. Now the Bento boxes consist of rice, proteins, vegetables, pickles, fruits, snacks, candies, and a lot many other varieties. Bentos got famous among school children as they looked surprisingly pretty and had a variety of food as mothers found it important for children to eat healthy food and thus, started decorating the Bentos. The Bento boxes went viral on social media for their appetizing appearances and balanced diet. A box that could be healthy and fill one's appetite just right. Present-day Bento Boxes can be found in many convenience stores in Asia. The western countries were also got influenced by the idea and one can find Lunches being packed like Bentos but with cuisines from all over the world. What do you think about Bento Boxes, Let us know in the comments!

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