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Table manners in India

Table manners are the behavior that's considered while you are having a meal with others. Today we are going to read about India / Middle Eastern part. In some parts of the Middle East, certain tasks are assigned to one of your hands. You must try to keep your right hand clean so you can use it to pick up food and other “clean” things. The left hand is generally only used during visits to the restroom and is therefore not suitable for eating. For the left-handers among us, it will be a bit of a challenge when you are visiting certain parts of these regions.

'Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means ‘the Guest is God’, is something that Indians heartily believe in. So don’t be surprised if you just casually visit an Indian friend and are then asked to stay over for a meal because that’s a gesture of respect and honor. On the contrary, if you’ve been invited for dinner, it’s quite okay to arrive at your host’s place 15 to 20 minutes after the scheduled time. Arriving early or exactly on time might seem rude as your host will be still in mid - preparation. You’ve finished your meal, you must positively compliment your host for the food. Since food is prepared with great effort and care, expressing your admiration will make the host happy.

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