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Anger, Reaction & Response

Anger might or might not be constructive but, it can be destructive undoubtedly. We are in an age where anger doesn’t just bring furiousness but also multiple urges such as smashing things, beating someone and everyone whom you like, or not just for showing up in front of you or for the slightest of their mistakes. The issue should always be addressed because its triggering points might not be that huge, but yes, its consequences can be humongous. To do this you can sit with any of your favorite individuals talk to them and tell them everything about what went wrong, what you are feeling, what you want to do, etc. The other very good exercise is the stay, stop and stare technique, in which whenever you are angry you just stop for 30 seconds, stare at a point until the time of 30 seconds gets over. After which you will realize that not only the time but your anger too vanishes away. Anger is a common issue among us because of the age we are in, where we tend to express more and, in a very reactive and not responsive manner. The exercise listed above will help you to respond and not react and to make better decisions in a broader corridor of time.

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