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You are Unique

What is insecurity? Insecurity is a feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty or anxiety about oneself. Insecurity is triggered by perceiving oneself to be vulnerable or inferior in some way. Most of the time, it initiates by criticism. Insecurities are about our belief system; it starts when we start to believe criticism we hear about ourselves. Helpful criticism is about making the world a better place, but unhelpful criticism is about making yourself feel better. It’s very normal to be insecure. But more important thing is to analyze where that insecurity is stemming from and work towards it is. It can be anything past fears, comparisons, the relationship we have established with ourselves. There is one more and a very important cause for this, our relation with our primary caregivers. When a person grows up hearing messages that they are less than ideal (or worse) from primary caregivers, they tend to unconsciously believe they are damaged on a deep level. There will always be someone more intelligent, skinnier, more accomplished, or happier than you. Do not let this take away you’re YOUniqness. We should get inspired by these people not be jealous. Jealousy is an unfit emotion. Work on securing yourself. There is room for ALL of us at the table. So let's have yet another "One Simple Change" and end the patriarchy and lift each other up and make this world a better and less anxious place to live.

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