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With Beauty comes Captivity

A seven years old was asked, " Where do you think you will find the most beautiful thing in the world?" "In cages", he replied. Ya, it definitely surprised me but he wasn't wrong. Was he? WITH BEAUTY COMES CAPTIVITY. Not just the outer beauty but even the beauty of your thoughts, your ideas, your strength, your dreams, your perspectives, and every possible thing that helps you learn and evolve is captivated in the cages of prejudice, narrow-mindedness, social beliefs, and whatnot. When we do something that's not accepted or familiar to the social beliefs and people's perception, they will simply term it as abnormal. We have shifted the definition of BEAUTY to the hourglass figure, tallness and fairness, abs and muscles, living according to social norms, etc. 'She is pretty but she gives back answers,' this has to be the most heard statement used by the orthodox people. They have been taught that a girl giving back answers isn't accepted by society. Even though you try to prove yourself, they will consider you to be mannerless. Even Albert Einstein was considered to be abnormal but the real question is was he actually abnormal? He was simply unique, he didn't let others' opinions captivate his intelligence and in the end, became one of the most prominent scientists. We all are so habituated and comfortable with the so-called normally beautiful things that we have stopped seeing the small uniquely beautiful things around us. Beauty has a vast definition, don't constrict it.

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