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Why I Compare Myself?

Because it gives me self-confidence. It gives me strength and motivation. I know you'll think that this is some kind of joke or I'm lying. But my friend, this is not a joke. How? Because the way you compare yourself and the path I have taken for comparison is different. There was a time when I was happy, I enjoyed it. When I won, I celebrated. It's obvious, right? But when I was sad, what did I do? Comparison! At that time I saw, everyone is ahead of me. My friends are running towards light and I'm going into darkness. But at some point in time, a thought came to my mind and it changed everything. See this, It's like there's a dark room and when you turn on the bulb, suddenly darkness turns into light. Remember, if there's darkness, there's light too. Because these are the two sides of a coin. It's all up to you, which side you want to see. Let's come to the point. What was that thought? At that time, I compared my sadness and failures with everyone's happiness and success. It was a wrong comparison. If I'm sad then I should compare it with others' sadness, not with happiness. We know many people, whose life is not as good as ours. They don't have what we have. Many people are struggling. We know who they are. Some of our friends, family members, etc. Try to understand their situations and you'll realize that your situations are not that bad in comparison to them, like I realized. This is why I compare myself because you know the trick, right?

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