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Why facing Your fears can be the way

Have you ever faced your fears? Looked at it in the eyes and said, "defeat me!"? I once had a fear of a particular subject during my NEET preparation. Physics, yes! The numerical scarred me, and I had nothing to complain about because it carried 25 percent of the paper. I spent days escaping it, thinking biology and chemistry might fill the gap. I realized I was wrong and that being stuck in a loop was because I never faced my fear and asked myself, "Why?" Our lives thrive on hope and dreams. Without that, it's just death waiting to pick us up. And fear? Oh well, the only way to get out, is to crack open the hard shell and escape. As it's said before, ‘ There's no shortcut to success but hard work ‘. Similarly, there's no eloping away from fear other than facing it. Analyze the problem, figure out what’s your fear, track it down, and chase it as you have never before. Soon it'll open the lock when you find the key (the answer to your "why?" and you work on it). It may take longer, but we'll get there soon, okay? To those thinking about how I conquered my fear of physics, I realized I was lacking practice in problem-solving, I required more amount of questions on a particular topic to master it than repeatedly studying the theory behind it. "Fear never builds the future, but hope does."

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