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Why do we ask the caste of people?

I and Natasha were working in a restaurant. Natasha - very calm and wise girl and I was elvish. Still we both were very good friends. One evening, during our meaningless conversation, I asked her caste and race. She was quiet. I mocked her and asked the same question. She got irritated and angrily asked me, “what do you want to do knowing my caste?” I replied, “Nothing. I ask this to everyone.” She questioned, “But why do you ask this?”. This time I was quiet. Over time I realized that this habit had inadvertently taken root in me as well, because of the conservative society and racism in the social environment where I was raised. In fact, there are only three human beings on earth, female, male and the third gender. We bring many things with us in India, which is not globally acceptable. Moving on the spiritual life, we need to become conscious of ourselves and get to know this kind of nature and habits as well as destroy them from the roots to bring social change in our life.

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