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We all are made of some parts of every other person we meet

Humans are social animals, that is the only thing we are told about. But do they tell us that we will be a little less of ourselves and a bit more of every other person we meet? No, they don't! We meet new people every day, we interact, discuss our ideas and morals and then decide to mold them accordingly. Our life revolves around other people. We are interdependent and that really justifies what I said above. Soon we realize that we have come so far discussing and molding our thoughts that we are just as unique as everyone is. The idea, the thought with which we decided to start a new movement is lost and we have accepted what people say and how people think. Is this worth it? Changing everything we believed in just to end up being a people pleaser. We can either hold on to what we believe in. Your ideas matter, Your thoughts matter, Your feelings matter. You matter. Everyone doesn't need access to you!

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