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Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world! In fact, it is about one-eighth of the area of Central Park of New York. An enclave is a territory completely surrounded by the territory of one state. The Vatican city is the only enclave city in the whole world. All its territories are surrounded by Italy. Vatican City is an absolute monarchy and the head of this monarchy is the Pope. The major religion of Vatican City is Christianity. It is also known as the center of Christianity. This is because the center of the city is St Peter's Basilica - The largest Church in the world. To tourists, Vatican City might look like a fairytale! The buildings are a mixture of Roman, Baroque, and Gothic styles which were built around different time periods. Vatican City is considered very safe and the people are known to be unafraid for their safety because the city is well guarded. It is a beautiful place that has the relics of the world's history. Also, an interesting fact about Vatican city is that it has its own army of 135 people, called Pontifical Swiss Gaurd. What do you think about Vatican City, let us know in the comments.

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