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“You only know what you have got when it’s gone”. This is perfectly true because we are always busy searching for better things in our life. It may be a relation or materialistic things. When we sit alone we are always planning for the future instead of thinking about what we already have. Human being spends all his life in searching for better. Most of the people are living in a continuous state of wanting more including more money, toys, fame, beauty, education. Having more money gives more happiness is not true. Many times rich people are more stressed and spend less time doing activities that give them enjoyment. I believe the happiest people are those who are satisfied with their relationship with their friends and family. Maybe a person living in a joint family has less chance of being depressed than a person living alone, although we always choose to live in a nuclear family. Mostly, the joint family develops good like communication, the art of sharing, love, care, respect, etc. Outer beauty is so also much attractive to people. God does not give a beautiful face to everyone but he gave a beautiful mind to all of us.

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