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The Society

If you drive any two Wheeler vehicle, this blog is for you. We often ride our vehicles obeying all the traffic rules and yet we face accidents. Similarly, most of us follow norms to live in a society. Few people refuse to be a part of the community and disobey rules which leads them to accidents. Being different doesn't mean you are allowed to disrespect society. Many of us have been through that moment where interference of society made us feel awful, but as I said earlier, even after driving carefully, accidents happen. Our injuries after the accident heal the same as the people around us forget. And if we drive by the red signal, somebody may hit us that could harm both. Yet these injuries might be painful for a while, but that doesn't stop you from driving a vehicle. Society might be unfair sometimes, but it gives us a framework to work together. Nowadays, people are least interested in attending family get together which leads them to be introverts. But if you abandon society then do it all together then there will be just you to grow and cook your food, get water and make it drinkable, making clothes to making utensils. Yes, It is as difficult as it sounds. Humans are gregarious animals and they naturally migrate to other humans.

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