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The Mountains are calling and I must go

"Mountains are the beginning and the end of all-natural scenery!!!" When a question arises, what do I love the most from nature, all my love goes to the mountain. This is something where I always love to go again and again, to climb repeatedly, to wander often. When I look at the mountains attentively, I feel that they teach us numerous things. Many life lessons are hidden in mountains. First and foremost is they teach us to stand TALL and FEARLESS. To know our fears and to overcome them is a true achievement. While climbing them, we came across many difficulties and trouble. But after climbing so hard, we reach the peak and get to see the beautiful view. The same is for our life, we may face many challenges and problems, but keep working without being tired will help us to reach our peak to see the desired view. Sitting at the peak of a mountain and feeling the aura tells us to feel the silence, to admire the silence. Because in silence you can listen to your beautiful mind. And at last, the mountain teaches us, DON'T EVER GIVE UP. In life also, when things don't go right and according to our plan, we think to leave and give up. But giving up is not an option. Once we are in mountains, we can't give up. So this is how I feel that mountains are my best friends in nature! I admire them, I love them!

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