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The mess we leave behind

Isn’t it strange that we often need to be incentivized to think about some of the world’s most pressing issues? Take plastic, for example. Our streets and oceans are riddled with plastic trash – and while we know we need to be better with recycling – we don’t often make the connection with why we need to do that!! Plastic pollution is not an ocean, river, lake, or stream problem, it’s a people problem. We must do our part to discourage everyone from trashing our waterways with plastic bottles, bags, cups, and whatnot. This, tragically, isn’t new. Aquatic animals have been starving to death on plastic for years, showing up on shores as skeleton-encased bundles of the plastic we threw “away.” Our lives don’t depend on it. We can exist—happier, healthier, and more awake—without plastic. In fact, it’s becoming very clear that this is what our lives and the lives of our fellow creatures depend on. There are options, and they’re almost always more fun than mindlessly consuming alongside the rest of the world: Make your plastic-free alternatives (then sell them)! We’re intelligent, capable creatures. In other words, let’s figure it out. But let’s also take this opportunity to turn our gaze inward. Blaming corporations is our habit, it’s easy and fun and makes us all feel like we’re activists, but let’s not forget t what Dalai Lama said, “To be aware of a single shortcoming in oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in someone else.”

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